Ta-Eko, a combination of Ta (means Grandpa in Cambodian language) and Eko (Eco),  is an Eco Village community in Takeo province of Cambodia where we grow organic herbs, fruits and Vegetables that are used as the raw materials to handcraft beautiful health and wellbeing products such as Soaps, Virgin Coconut Oil, Herbal teas and other natural skin care products.

The community was started by a local family and their friends (Sonas World) in 2013 to develop a role model for sustainable community in rural Cambodia.

The village also has a Farm-Stay where people from around the world come to share ideas and learn about the model that has been spreading to other parts of Cambodia.

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Discover our award winning range of 100% Natural, Free From chemicals, Vegan, Organic & cruelty free health and wellbeing products that are made from our homegrown non GMO raw materials. 

In addition, our village is an inspirational place for the locals to learn about entrepreneurship and permaculture techniques that help them to start small businesses that help them progress towards more sustainable and fulfilled living.

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