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handmade in cambodia

products that impact lives

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Virgin Coconut oil

We believe in the power natural ingredients

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Ayurveda Teas

healing teas from nature

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Natural soaps

handmade of super fruits & herbs

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Ta-Eko is an eco-village in Cambodia where we grow organic raw materials that are then sustainably processed into natural health and wellbeing products such as soaps, coconut oil, herbal teas and other superfoods. We believe in using the age-old farming methods that were practised by our grandparents who were eco-conscious and lived in harmony with nature. This is why we call ourselves Ta-Eko ( “Ta” is Grandfather in Khmer).



We grow the organic ingredients that are native to South East Asia. The recent development of the modern agro Industry has had a big impact on such farming ways. We are working hard to preserve this incient wisdom from Cambodia.



We design and handmake natural products for the various benefits that help your health & wellbeing. Our main products include soaps, healing herbal teas, Virgin coconut oil and superfoods that have been proven to be beneficial, effective & harmless.



Our purpose is to become natural health and wellbeing specialist by learning from the ancient knowledge Kru-Khmer, an ancient medicine wisdom of Cambodia that was based on the Ayurveda and the ancient Chinese medicine practices. We intend to bring it back to you.

Customer Testimonials

I have been to the village where they grow and convert these organic ingredinets into beautiful and impactful products. Highly reccomend it, and don’t forget to visit their homestay if you are in Cambodia.


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